Christmas: Opting Out

The only winning move is not to play. Whilst we live in a world where we tend to be automatically “opted in” on many things, or, at the very least, are convinced we need to opt in in order to send the right status signals, we can, in many cases, and if we so choose, […]

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The Cost Perception Reality

It is a common perception that eating healthy food costs more than unhealthy food.  Such a statement is made of many assumptions, and like many other things in life, the devil is always in the detail.  I do agree, when you compare your standard ultraprocessed edible food-like substance with its reworked, but just-as-processed “health food […]

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This morning I had the unfortunate experience of watching a particularly vile video. This was brought to my attention by Dr Yoni Freedhoff and I have to say that I share his outrage. The video is supposed to be a “satirical representation” of a typical encounter between a doctor and an overweight patient. It was […]



It has been an interesting past 5 years.  I started writing and commenting on alternatives to the generally accepted wisdom of my training, in earnest, around early 2010 (my conventional training was a largely quantitative approach to health; calories count, so burn more than you consume; translated – make sure your food choices are low […]

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Stop whining about the weather

I like independent, strong, self-sufficient people.  If you complain about the weather you are none of those. I get it. It’s a Kiwi/Australia/British thing. That’s how we break the ice and start a conversation. Once you bond over bitching about the rain, or oppressive heat, or snow, or drought, you can cautiously proceed to more […]

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7 Things Learned In 34 Years

Last week I officially rolled in into my mid-thirties. Self-reflection (a.k.a vague rumination on such mundane topics as my place in the world and the meaning of life) is something I do rather often, somewhat to the annoyance of my partner who has to play the part of a soundboard. Here are my 7 things […]

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