Jamie Scott

New Zealand Registered Exercise Specialist
BPhEd (Physical Activity & Health) | BSc (Human Nutrition)
Post-Grad Diploma Sport & Exercise Medicine | Post-Grad Diploma Nutrition Medicine


Hailing from the South Island of New Zealand, Jamie trained in the sciences of Physical Activity & Health, and Human Nutrition, both through the University of Otago.  He spent the first decade of post-grad life working as a personal trainer, rehabilitation assistant, and as a nutrition consultant, working with a range of individuals and groups.  After leaving the fitness industry, Jamie became a health researcher, writer, and presenter for one of New Zealand’s largest organisational health and well-being companies.

Most recently, Jamie has gone back out on his own, under his new brand, Being Human, consulting to organisations such as Airways New Zealand, Flight Centre, Ngai Tahu Tourism, and the New Zealand Green Party (political party).  He is a scientific advisor and writer for and the More Social Less Media programme. He maintains a small individual private nutrition and physical training practice and is the founder and current vice president of the Ancestral Health Society of New Zealand.

Jamie takes a deep interest in both human and environmental health, looking for leads and possible answers to many of our major issues within an evolutionary biology and ancestral health framework.  He can normally be found in close proximity to good espresso, bicycles, and a handful of research papers.

The thoughts and opinions expressed on this site by Jamie Scott are his own and are not representative of any organisation or individual he is associated with.


Anastasia Boulais

MBBS (USyd) | BMedSc | DipPath

20150123_192717_027Born and raised in Russia, Anastasia moved to Australia at the age of 17. With science being her first love, she completed a Diploma in Pathology and a degree in Medical Science, majoring in microbiology and anatomy. Working in the clinical microbiology labs sparked her interest in the medical aspects of science and Anastasia took a plunge to become a doctor. Dividing her time between medical school lectures and working as a part time fitness instructor gave her good understanding of the importance of preventative medicine and the challenges involved in the application of diet and lifestyle advice. Anastasia became interested in evolutionary medicine and got involved in the Ancestral Health movement while still a medical student, first writing a successful blog and then traveling to the US to attend and later present at the Ancestral Health Symposium. With her partner, nutritionist Jamie Scott, Anastasia formed an alliance with Whole9 and became Whole 9 South Pacific, promoting Good Food and running public nutrition seminars in Australia and New Zealand. In 2014, together with a passionate group of health professionals, researchers and educated laypeople, they formed the Ancestral Health Society of New Zealand of which she is currently the Vice President.

Now residing in New Zealand, Anastasia works in a busy acute care medical clinic. She spends her free time volunteering for the Society, studying for her specialist College of Urgent Care registration, exploring the stunning natural environment of New Zealand, and trying to stay upright on her new mountain bike.

The thoughts and opinions expressed on this site by Anastasia Boulais are her own and are not representative of any organisation or individual she is associated with.