This post has been awhile coming but hopefully will worth the wait. In Part 1 I described the principles I follow to minimise the circadian rhythm disruption from shift work. This post is basically what I do. I work 3 types of shifts: DAY SHIFT  – Start time between 7.15am and 9am. Finish time between […]


Who Dares to Live Forever

Alternative Title: Living Life in Power Saving Mode – Less Function, Longer Battery Life? As a nutritionist, I’ve been most heavily influenced by 3 paradigms/schools of thought over the last couple of years (much more so than the current versions of Paleo) – the holy trinity, as it were. The Protein Leverage Hypothesis Acellular vs. Cellular […]

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Heart Foundation Goes Paleo

Do not adjust your set. And no, it isn’t April 1st.  The New Zealand Heart Foundation dietitians and nutritionists are giving Paleo a go. It what sees me channeling the ghost of That Paleo Guy, I feel compelled to write a bit of a critique about their experiment, their assumptions, and starting points.  But to […]

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In Thin Air

Tomorrow we head home to New Zealand after our most recent and longest visit to the USA – this time Colorado.  As has been the case for all of my trips to the States since 2011, I came to present at the Ancestral Health Symposium.  But in line with every year I have travelled here, […]

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Simon Says

My employment status, at time of publication, is what is supposedly termed funemployed. This status came about as the result of me recently resigning from the full-time job I have held since circa-2008.  It was a good job. In a good company. I had lots of freedom. I was near the top of my pay […]

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Surviving Shift Work. Part I

This is not a blog post on why good sleep is essential or about the physiology underlying human sleep/wake cycle. Many folks have written about this and I will add some good resources at the bottom of this page. This is a condensed version of a talk Jamie and myself give about shift work with […]

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Anyone who has any familiarity with Russian schooling will tell you it is tough. Growing up in a family which was very academically-oriented was doubly tough. My high school subjects included astronomy, chemistry, physics, algebra, geometry, Russian history, law, world culture, Russian literature, English literature, biology, and a bunch of other stuff that clearly didn’t […]