This morning I had the unfortunate experience of watching a particularly vile video. This was brought to my attention by Dr Yoni Freedhoff and I have to say that I share his outrage. The video is supposed to be a “satirical representation” of a typical encounter between a doctor and an overweight patient. It was […]



It has been an interesting past 5 years.  I started writing and commenting on alternatives to the generally accepted wisdom of my training, in earnest, around early 2010 (my conventional training was a largely quantitative approach to health; calories count, so burn more than you consume; translated – make sure your food choices are low […]

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Stop whining about the weather

I like independent, strong, self-sufficient people.  If you complain about the weather you are none of those. I get it. It’s a Kiwi/Australia/British thing. That’s how we break the ice and start a conversation. Once you bond over bitching about the rain, or oppressive heat, or snow, or drought, you can cautiously proceed to more […]

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7 Things Learned In 34 Years

Last week I officially rolled in into my mid-thirties. Self-reflection (a.k.a vague rumination on such mundane topics as my place in the world and the meaning of life) is something I do rather often, somewhat to the annoyance of my partner who has to play the part of a soundboard. Here are my 7 things […]

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