7 Things Learned In 34 Years

Last week I officially rolled in into my mid-thirties. Self-reflection (a.k.a vague rumination on such mundane topics as my place in the world and the meaning of life) is something I do rather often, somewhat to the annoyance of my partner who has to play the part of a soundboard. Here are my 7 things […]

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Why I ride a bike

Self-righteousness. Don’t you just love it. There are many many ways to cultivate it. The rules are simple. You find something that you enjoy. Simultaneously you discover/convince yourself that it is also good for you. Therefore it is good for everyone. You proceed to parade your newly found endeavour while lecturing everyone in the vicinity […]

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Routine. It’s Deadly.

Anastasia recently hinted that our car is playing a less prominent role in our life.  We still own a car with no intention of getting rid of it entirely anytime soon.  We’ll jump in the car and take trips out of town, enjoying the freedom it gives us and the opportunities for adventure it opens […]

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Letting Go of the Automobile

“When the spirits are low, when the day appears dark, when work becomes monotonous, when hope hardly seems worth having, just mount a bicycle and go out for a spin down the road, without thought on anything but the ride you are taking.” Arthur Conan Doyle We lose precious moments. We grow up, become responsible, […]

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Brazilian Dietary Guidelines

I was quite amazed at the response to my last post.  I received many messages from people along the lines “I’ve been thinking the same thing for quite some time”, with most of these people now shaking their head at the state of play within a movement which held so much promise.  It is, however, […]

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Signal | Noise

When I first started writing a blog I expected it to be read by a maximum of 10 people. I was writing mainly for myself, trying to make sense of my newly acquired knowledge on nutrition, lifestyle, and whatever else would strike my fancy. Unexpectedly, the blog started receiving some attention. It was very flattering […]

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Burning Straw Men

Welcome to those chasing links from The Guardian to this site.  But also, apologies that you have had to read such an awful piece of writing from Dave Bry. NB: The Guardian has since softened their original article, moving away from me “disavowing Paleo” to me “separating myself from the movement.” Dave obviously has a bee […]

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Evolution – /iːvəˈluːʃ(ə)n,ˈɛv-/ – the gradual development of something Revolution – /rɛvəˈluːʃ(ə)n/ – involving or causing a dramatic change The last 12 months have seen both an evolution of my thinking and a [personal] revolution in how I want to convey these thoughts.  Prior to this year I was very attached to the Paleo label.  […]

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